Football Match: Betonix v/s Caudan Security

When Caudan Security approached Betonix to organise a football match, we were very keen on the idea and formed our team, which was made up of our staff from La Tour Koenig and Beemanique plants. As a new team, we spent some time practicing until we felt ready to enter the playing field and face Caudan Security's football team.

The match was held at Gymkhana, Vacoas on Sunday 6th March 2011 at 2pm. After 90 minutes of the game, the score was 2-2. Both of our goals were scored by our captain, Tveeraj Narain. But we eventually won during penalties, as our goalkeeper Toteshwar Pokhot saved 3 penalties!!

The Betonix team was composed of the following players:

Standing (from left to right): Ansar Annaruth, Doobrajsingh Bundhoo, Souviraj Pokhot, Allan Georgette, Sanjay Tupsy, Areff Atchia, L.Jocelyn Isabelle, Vishal Rughoo, Dominique Naigum, Mohammad Djamelludine Sheik Heerah, Jean Eric Kell.

Sitting ( from left to right): Biddu Yenketeramdoo, Gassen Kathirasa Pillay, Toteshwar Pokhot, Vellan Ragudu (Kenny), Tveeraj Narain, Datch Chinasamy, Vijayannand Matapullut.